Aug 7, 2019 2 min read

Automatic Content Recognition Explained

Automatic Content Recognition Explained

It is common knowledge by now that our every move is tracked online. Our browsing history, purchasing behavior and profile information that we give away is bought, sold and shared to create an accurate (and theoretically anonymous) picture of who you are so advertisers can more accurately target you. This happens on your computer, tablet and phone, but what about your that fancy new 4k smart TV you just bought?  

Surely the only people who know what you're watching are the streaming services you subscribe to? Anyone would expect Netflix and Hulu to be tracking your watch habits, that’s not so creepy — but what about your TV itself? Most smart TV manufacturers know everything you watch whether it’s through a streaming service, digital cable, or even your antennae. They do this through “Automatic Content Recognition” technology or ACR.  

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