Oct 19, 2020 2 min read

Competitive Separation in Video Advertising Explained

Competitive Separation in Video Advertising Explained

Competitive separation in video advertising prevents ads of the same category or advertiser from displaying in a single ad pod.  An ad pod is a series of advertisements that playback one after the other in a single ad break.

Advertisers want to have complete control over the environment where consumers view their message. Controlling the playback environment is crucial because adjacent advertisements surrounding a brand's ad could impact the perception of the intended message or cause brand confusion.

Advertiser Competitive Separation

Many users have experienced a commercial break in a video streaming app that contains the same ad repeated back to back. This breakdown in user experience can cause frustration for a user and result in ad fatigue.

This phenomenon is easily preventable with some simple coordination between the parties involved in the ad transaction.

Creative 'adomain'

An "adomain" is a piece of metadata associated with a creative that identifies the advertiser. The domain in 'adomain' is typically a company website. For example, a creative may have an adomain of "tide.com," "ford.com," or "apple.com."

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