Aug 17, 2020 4 min read

How iOS 14 IDFA changes will benefit CTV

How iOS 14 IDFA changes will benefit CTV

Apple's decision to ask user permission for ad tracking in iOS 14 will effectively cripple advertising personalization relying on a device IDFA for all iPhone users. If Google's recent decision to remove cookies by 2022 is any indication of where the wind is blowing, it would not be surprising for them to follow Apple by implementing a similar opt-in feature for their own mobile advertising identifier on Android, AAID. The winds of change are blowing across the industry and many are scrambling for answers.

Effective and privacy-compliant audience targeting relies on a user-resettable and consistent identifier like Apple's IDFA and Android's AAID, and Connected TV manufacturers have been quietly implementing their own versions for years now. Unlike Apple, which stakes its company ethos on privacy, TV, and streaming media device manufacturers like Roku and Amazon Fire have directly tied the success of their business to increasing advertising revenue.

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